Maruyama MS332ECH Belt Driven Pump


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Maruyama MS332ECH Belt Driven Pump

Maruyama Pump / Engine Combos are versatile as a power Sprayer or as simple as a repower unit.

Every Maruyama piston pump features a unique UNIFLOW system. By preserving only one direction inertia of the fluid, Maruyama piston pumps achieve higher performance, increase durability, and superior efficiency. Maruyama piston pumps don’t require mineral grease to lubricate. The pumped fluid self-lubricates and cools the piston cylinder minimizing wearing and keeping your application free from contaminants.

The Maruyama pump/engine units are designed simply better to guarantee that your sprayer will offer long durability, less downtime, and less maintenance.

Assembled from components matched for compatibility and superior quality, Maruyama pump/engine spray combos are unrivaled for performance and extraordinary durability. The finest Maruyama high-volume piston pumps and Honda commercial engines are paired to complete combinations that are simply better.

Building quality spray equipment since 1895!


  • IRON-5YR commercial warranty
  • Maruyama Uniflow, superior durability duplex, and triplex piston pumps
  • Dependable Honda commercial-grade engines
  • Strong frame to protect the unit and make transportation easy
  • Made in Japan
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