Maruyama M420BK-QC Quick-Connect Multi-Cutter Powerhead


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Maruyama M420BK-QC Quick-Connect Multi-Cutter Powerhead

Extra-tough Backpack multi-cutters are designed to work under the most challenging situation. They work extraordinarily well on steep slopes, in heavily vegetated areas, vineyards, coffee and banana plantations, ditches, vertical cutting and many other locations that are difficult to reach or where space is reduced. The single point balance backpack straps distribute the weight of the machine evenly reducing operators fatigue over extended periods.

Maruyama M420BK-QC is powerful and designed to transfer the unit weight from your arms to your back making the unit extremely comfortable to operate over long extended hours to complete the job day after day.

Ten professional-grade quick-connect attachments means you’re prepared for every job that comes along. And with a tool free quick-connect system, you’re ready now.

Efficiency and productivity are at your fingertips.


  • Field proven low emission 2-cycle engine technology
  • IRON-5YR commercial warranty
  • Heavy Duty ergonomic frame that provides the operator with exceptional control and comfort
  • Anti-Vibrational System, three-point spring dampers for a significant reduction in vibration
  • Fast & easy changes with the Quick-Connect™ System
  • Easy start system – spring assist technology for easy starting
  • Made in Japan
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