Maruyama BM240 Big-M Multi-Cutters


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Maruyama BM240 Big-M Multi-Cutters

Maruyama Multi-Cutters are your secret weapon. Your weapon for increased efficiency, space and money savings and productivity. With the same quality and durability for a dedicated unit, you can back up your entire fleet with one machine, saving space and money in the process.

Ten professional-grade quick-connect attachments means you’re prepared for every job that comes along. And with a tool-free quick-connect system, you’re ready now.

Efficiency and productivity at your fingertips.


  • Field proven low emission 2-cycle engine technology
  • Lifetime warranty on solid steel driveshafts
  • Adjustable acceleration cruise control with secure anti-vibration grip and waterproof kill switch
  • One superior powerhead with a wide variety of tool attachments
  • Fast and easy changes with the Quick-Connect™ System
  • Multi-Cutters sold as powerheads only
  • Ergonomic pull
  • Made in Japan
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