Maruyama BL9000-GT Backpack Blower


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Maruyama BL9000-GT Backpack Blower

Maruyama blowers are designed and engineered with a dedication to provide the best total machine available. This requires balancing weight, noise level, comfort, durability, service life and of course, output. Never settle for a one-feature blower.

Maruyama’s BL9000 is the world’s first backpack blower ever able to produce over 1,068 of cfm air volume. This is the largest and more dependable blower in the market. Maruyama blowers work hard season after season.

Discover the clear difference, discover Maruyama.


  • Field proven low emission 2-cycle engine technology
  • IRON-5YR commercial warranty
  • Advanced GT tubes for improved flow and comfort
  • Air-share, no-sweat backpack padding circulates air flow, user stays cooler!
  • Extra-wide padded straps from chest to lower back for greater comfort
  • Commercial 2-stage air filtration system
  • Incredibly comfortable anti-vibration spring loaded ergonomic frame
  • Assisted start system – spring assist technology for easy starting
  • Variable acceleration cruise control
  • Made in Japan
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